TOP PHOTO: On Tuesday, county and city detectives joined forces to crack multiple theft cases.

La Follette Police Officer Anthony Mahar walks Marcus Turnbill to his LPD cruiser.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Thefts in La Follette, Caryville and other parts of Campbell County are in the process of being linked back to one individual, 50-year- old Marcus Turnbill. Turnbill, described by police as a man with a very lengthy arrest record, is being booked into the Campbell County Jail at this hour.

The investigation that was started Tuesday morning by La Follette Police Det. Sgt. Noah Riggs ended late this afternoon when Riggs and fellow LPD officers and investigators with Caryville Police and the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office placed Turnbill in handcuffs.

Law enforcement converged on this home that sits along the La Follette-Jacksboro line on Sawmill Circle.

Riggs responded to a theft at Lowe’s this morning and by viewing the store’s surveillance footage was able to determine that Turnbill was his man. Riggs obtained warrants for Turnbill and notified CPD Detective Raymond Surber and CCSO Detective Gary Jeffers of possible connections to other thefts in their jurisdictions.

Turnbill was the only person taken into custody from this home.

Turnbill was at his Sawmill Circle home when officers went to the front and back doors just before 5pm. “Diesel (LPD K-9 Officer) was with me and Riggs when we went to the back door, and his barking may have helped Turnbill decide to give up,” said Lt. Matthew Forsyth.

Initial charges Turnbill is facing include theft over $1,000, criminal conspiracy and driving on a suspended license. More charges are pending, according to Forsyth. Turnbill is originally from Ohio and is now living here. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/03/2023-6PM)