ROCKY TOP/LAKE CITY (WLAF) – A Lake City man is facing multiple charges after being found inside a home where he didn’t have permission to be. Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Bowlin went to Island Cove Rd, Rocky Top, about an individual possibly trespassing on the evening of Dec. 29.

When Bowlin arrived, he knocked on the front door multiple times, but there was no answer. When he checked the front door, he found it was unsecured, Bowlin along with Officer Corey Laxton entered the residence. Once inside, they discovered a female laying on a mattress on the floor of the living room just inside the front door. According to a report from the sheriff’s department, when asked who else was there, she reported that she was the only there with Jonathan Derrick Ciuffini, but he had just left and would be returning shortly. She was asked why she was there, and she stated they were allowed to be there. During this time, Ciuffini returned to the residence, and Laxton asked if he knew he wasn’t allowed to be at the residence and he allegedly said “yes.”

Laxton then contacted the homeowner by phone and learned that Ciuffini was related to the homeowner. The homeowner reported that neither of the individuals had permission to be in the property. When Ciuffini was asked how he got into the home, he reported his mother watches over the property for the owner and she had given him a key one time to check the property. Cuiffini explained that he did not return the key and left the residence unlocked. Ciuffini allegedly told Bowlin he knew he wasn’t supposed to stay there.

The property owner requested the officers search the residence due to Ciuffini’s past drug usage. When Bowlin explained to the female and Ciuffini that the property owner wanted the residence searched, the female handed Bowlin a small bag. Inside the bag was a white crystal substance that Ciuffini allegedly reported was Methamphetamine and was his that he had asked the female to hold for him.

Ciuffini, 40, 116 South Lindy Lane, Lake City was charged with possession of schedule II controlled substance, criminal trespassing, and aggravated burglary. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/09/2023-6AM)