LAFOLLETTE, TN.-(WLAF)- A LaFollette business is pushing back against the City of LaFollette after the city has used alleged unfair practices and denied a business license.

Last week, Woodson’s Cash Stores filed a motion for the city’s Cease and Desist letter, issued to the business earlier this month, to be vacated. At the crux of the dispute is Woodson’s building that formerly housed the IGA Grocery Store. After that building sat empty for an extended period of time, Woodson’s Cash Stores elected to use it as storage facility making rental space available to the public.

The City of LaFollette has said the building can’t be used for that purpose.

The filing said the city’s Cease and Desist letter, which was issued by the codes department, was “inappropriately issued” and the business hasn’t violated any city codes as the city alleged. Along with this allegation, the city told Woodson’s it had failed to submit renovation plans and apply for a building permit, the filing said. Woodson’s contends those items weren’t needed because nothing was built nor was it renovated. The store was also denied a business license when it applied for one and Woodson’s is saying that was unfounded as well.

LaFollette’s reasons for the letter are “illegal, arbitrary and fraudulent,” the filing said. Woodson’s is asking the city court to vacate the Cease and Desist and issue Woodson’s a business license.