This La Follette Public Works crew is preparing to cut the pavement to be removed to rework a water drain. Left to right are Adam Hutson, Tim Hall and Brandon Stanford. (PHOTO COURTESY OF TIM HALL’S PRESS AGENT)

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – As crews began removing flower beds in downtown La Follette on Tuesday, travelers were none to happy to be forced into one lane eastbound with traffic creating a slowdown. That is until they realized the flower beds were coming out prompting horn honks, thumbs up and shouts of thank you.

Brandon Stanford operating the saw edging between the concrete and pavement around the flower bed at Stop Light 8.

Aside from the prep work on the flower bed removal by this public works crew, some water drainage issues were resolved.

Tim Hall and Adam Hutson hand saw a section on pavement for the new water drain.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/26/2023-6AM)