TOP PHOTO: Frankie Hicks dusts and sweeps so much in her spare time at Smith ACE Hardware, fellow co-workers accuse her of cracking the floor from too much sweeping.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – You can’t walk through Smith ACE Hardware without, at least, a “howdy” spoken in your direction from Frankie Hicks. Friendly Frankie, as we call her here at WLAF, is celebrating her first year at Smith’s.

No, she’s not a rookie. She’s been dealing with the public since her teens, and after decades with the Tennessee Department of Human Services, she retired. Sort of. Frankie was supposed to work 15 hours a week at Smith’s just to keep busy after retirement. Those hours have more than doubled over the past few months, and Frankie is there most everyday now.

“We have fun around here. My husband accuses me of not working for all the fun and laughs we have here,” said Hicks. When there’s not a customer needing assistance, Frankie’s dusting or sweeping keeping the store tidy. “They’ve accused me of sweeping so much that the floor’s cracked,” laughed Frankie.

Frankie Hicks welcomes you by Smith ACE Hardware today.

“The customers love her, and I hope folks will come by and say hi to Frankie today on her one year anniversary,” said Sherman Campbell, Smith’s owner.

“She keeps what she calls her “Jesus bag” handy. When a customer may be a few cents or a dollar short, she’ll slip out the needed difference to help a customer,” said Nicky Campbell, Smith’s owner.

Smith Hardware is in the heart of La Follette on East Central Avenue. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/31/2023-6AM)

3 Replies to “Friendly Frankie celebrates a year of smiles, fun chatter at Smith Hdwe.”

  1. I love Frankie. I met her as a child, at the DHS office, and she’s felt like family ever since. I was delighted to run into her at Lowe’s when she graced them with her presence as an employee. I wondered where she had gone, or if she had “retired” again. 😂 Bless her heart, she’s gotta stay busy. Now, thanks to WLAF, I know where to find Ms Frankie again and I will be stopping in to visit her… And maybe do a little shopping. Having Sweet Frankie on staff and letting people know that, is the best advertisement that Smith’s Ace Hardware could publish. Frankie has impacted so many lives with her brilliant smile and huge heart. Her presence on your staff is a testament of both her work ethic and customer service skills… And an indication of God’s blessing on Smith’s Ace Hardware. I can’t say enough about this beautiful, precious lady. Seeing her face in this article brought a much needed smile to my face. Thank you!

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