TOP PHOTO: No one was injured in this two-vehicle wreck on Tuesday morning.

La Follette bound traffic was backed up and forced down to one lane.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – A couple of vehicles, a car and a CUV, collided in front of Where My Heart Leads Boutique at Stop Light 9 around 7:45 Tuesday morning. All involved told WLAF News that they were OK as they stood in the street in sub-freezing temperatures.

This car appeared to have suffered the most damage.

The mishap, where Indiana Avenue crosses East Central Avenue, forced La Follette bound traffic down to the right lane.

This CUV was damaged in a Tuesday morning collision.

The La Follette Fire Department responded as did the La Follette Police Department. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/07/2023-8AM)

One Reply to “Tuesday morning wreck snarls downtown traffic”

  1. Let’s be honest,since they have worked on the highway traffic has been INSANE..Morning and afternoon. Why? Because of school traffic. I have to take my child thru the traffic to school and from the school home,let’s just say bumper to bumper the whole way right pass the hospital, to the red roof…I can see why there could have been a bumper to bumper collision…You pick up speed after you pass Dr. BECKS old office to top the hill and go over it,so when you come to a stop at the red light,if your not a car length away….you have to pump your brakes hard to stop. That’s early in the morning. Obviously,I’m a very observant driver so I make sure I watch all my mirrors and stay far away enough so if they do Bow up and stop I’m not hitting someone in the tail. People need to slow down. I’ve learned my lesson on the whole speeding thing there along time ago. I don’t understand why people try to hurry ,when obviously you see two lines of cars in front and behind you. Your not goi g anywhere until it clears. So lesson today slow down,be patient and pay attention.

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