TOP PHOTO: Senator Ken Yager and Representative Dennis Powers (right) show off the replica of the big sign that now stands along I-75.

Left to right at the unveiling of a replica of the interstate sign for Roane State Community College are Jack Lynch, Chris Whaley, Ken Yager, Dennis Powers, Rhonda Longmire, Tracy Powers, Teresa Duncan and Amanda Snowden.

 By Charlotte Underwood 

CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – A Roane State Community College sign has been added on the interstate right before the 134 exit in Campbell County.  The sign was dedicated Friday around 3:30 pm by Senator Ken Yager and State Representative Dennis Powers, who helped make the sign a reality.  Representatives from Roane State Community College, County Mayor Jack Lynch, as well as Amanda Snowden with the Tennessee Department of Transportation were also on site for the unveiling.

The Roane State sign was placed underneath the Tennessee College of Applied Technology sign, which is also along that stretch of I-75 beside the northbound lanes.

According to Yager, getting the sign in place has taken two years and a budget amendment, which was carried by Yager and Powers. 

“The Tennessee Department of Transportation didn’t have it in its budget for the sign, so we added a budget amendment. Then, due to Covid, there were metal shortage supplies, so it took even longer,” Yager said. 

He joked, that “while it had been a long and difficult pregnancy, the baby is beautiful.”

North bound travelers now see the new sign just before you get to the Caryville-Jacksboro-La Follette Exit of I-75.

According to Yager, if even one student sees the sign and is inspired to attend college at Roane State, then it is well worth the effort. 

“This sign let’s everyone know we are proud our two higher learning institutions. We are proud of our TCAT, and we are proud of Roane State Community College’s presence in Campbell County,” Representative Powers said.

Roane State Community College President Chris Whaley said he was “once again thankful” to Yager and Powers for their efforts and that the sign would play an important role of informing prospective students Roane State has a campus in Campbell County. 

County Mayor Jack Lynch said that Roane State was a “standard in the community” and always has been a part of Campbell County for many years.  

Over the years, Roane State has grown in leaps and bounds in Campbell County, originally with classes being held in schools, then in Woodson’s Mall, before finally having a campus built.

“It’s important for people to see it’s located here, and we are part of Tennessee’s higher education platform,” Lynch said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/13/2023-6AM)