JELLICO, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Preston Mullins and Sgt. Justin Phillips went to a home at 395 Brick Plant Lane, Jellico on Tuesday in an attempt to make contact Gary Wayne Chadwell who had outstanding warrants. Mullins had come across Chadwell earlier in the week on a traffic stop where Chadwell fought with him and fled to escape. The other person in the car was identified as James Ed Perry who allegedly told him that Chadwell had been staying at his home at 395 Brick Plant Lane.

When the officers arrived at the residence, Phillips knocked on the door and was greeted by Perry, the officers asked if Chadwell was there. According to a report from the sheriff’s office, Perry looked at the ground and stuttered as he reported he was not there. Mullins noticed the nervous behavior and felt Perry was deceptive with the officers.

Sgt. Phillips made contact with another person in the home who he recognized as being on felony probation. He was asked to speak with Phillips away from Perry to which he agreed. The man was told why the officers were at the residence and informed him about the accessory after the fact law and then asked if Chadwell was in the home, he reported he was there with a female later identified as Marissa Michael Bowlin.

The deputies went inside the home and found Bowlin in the bedroom, who reported she was alone and that Chadwell was not there. While Phillips was talking with Bowlin, he noticed a back bedroom light on and went into the room to clear it. He found Chadwell in the fetal position hiding behind the bed.

Deputy Mullins drew his Taser and gave multiple orders to Chadwell to show his hands, but he failed to comply. As Phillips entered the room Chadwell stood up and began walking across the bed. He was given multiple orders to lay down on the bed but refused to do so. Mullins then grabbed Chadwell’s wrist in an attempt to restrain him, but he pulled away and continued toward the doorway in an attempt to flee. The deputies grabbed Chadwell and attempted to gain control, but Chadwell turned to fight them. Mullins then aimed his taser at Chadwell’s back, when Bowlin entered the room yelling at Deputy Mullins and Sgt. Phillips. Bowlin grabbed Mullins arm and attempted to pull Mullins off Chadwell. While Mullins was still trying to gain control of Chadwell, he struck Bowlin with his elbow in the chest area to create a separation. Mullins was able to strike Chadwell with his Taser, but it had little effect on him. Deputy Mullins then tackled Chadwell onto the bed and held him down. In the midst of the fight, Mullins became tangled in his Taser’s wire and began to feel the shock from the taser. Sgt. Phillips then fired his Taser in an attempt to incapacitate Chadwell. However he missed Chadwell and hit Mullins arm, Mullins was able to get Chadwell onto the floor. Chadwell then turned and flipped Mullins onto the floor and got on top of him. Phillips then was able to get Chadwell off Mullins and back onto the floor. Mullins attempted to restrain Chadwell again when Bowlin began to pry herself between them. Deputy Mullins pushed Bowlin over to the bed and was able to restrain Chadwell. Sgt. Phillips was able to restrain Bowlin. Assistance was requested from officers with the Jellico Police Department, and Phillips and Mullins were able to hold Bowling and Chadwell until their arrival. Chadwell and Bowlin were both assessed and treated by Campbell County EMS for minor injuries.

Perry, 50, 395 Brick Plant Lane, Jellico was charged with false reports. He is due in court on Thursday and is free on a $15,000 secure bond.

Chadwell, 30, 401 Brick Plant Lane, Jellico was charged with resist stop frisk halt arrest, evading arrest and assault on an officer, attempted theft under $1,000 and theft under $1,500. This was Chadwell’s 5th arrest, according to records at the Campbell County Jail. Chadwell remains housed in the county jail on a $15,000 secure bond and is due in court on Tuesday morning.

Bowlin, 29, homeless, Jellico was charged with accessory after the fact, resisting stop frisk health arrest or search, interference with an investigation, criminal impersonation and false reports. Bowlin remains jailed on a $5,000 bond and has a court date of March 21. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/20/2023-6AM)