BLANKENSHIP, Carolyn Sue, age 55, of 1332 Hwy 1884 – Williamsburg for DUI – 1st offense, tampering with evidence and possession of schedule IV

CLONTS, Mark, Sr., age 66, of 2155 Pinecrest Rd – Jacksboro for domestic assault

COLLINS, Claude Edward, age 59, of 704 South Cumberland Ave – La Follette for evading arrest, resisting stop-frisk-halt-arrest or search, assault against first responder or nurse, tampering with or fabricating evidence, for resale-two counts, possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and a hold for Jefferson County

GIBSON, Nicole Lynn, age 34, of 111 West Forrest St – La Follette for failure to report to court

PERKINS, Jackie Lee, age 43, of 107 Cutoola Rd – Duff for PI (public intoxication) and possession of schedule II

RUSSELL, Michael Charles, age 34, of 5265Stiner Hwy – La Follette for criminal trespassing and resisting stop-frisk-halt-arrest or search