TOP PHOTO: La Follette Police Investigators were out about an hour before sun up on Friday executing a narcotics search warrant at a home on River Drive.

Greg Riggs, white T-shirt, is identified as the owner of this home where the La Follette Police Narcotics Team has been purchasing undercover buys of Crystal Meth and Suboxone.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “This is an eye sore to this neighborhood, and we’ve had lots complaints about all the (drug) activity here,” said La Follette Chief of Police Steve Wallen. Wallen along with members of LPD’s Narcotics Unit and Special Response Team executed a narcotics search warrant at the home of Greg Riggs, 504 River Drive, just after 6:30am Friday.

The chief adds that when the seven LPD units pulled up River Drive, there were people already waiting to buy drugs from this home. “They scattered as soon as they saw us drive in,” said Wallen.

Neighbors have complained about all the drug activity and the unkept appearance at this property.

Five people, three men and two women, were on the property when investigators arrived. A couple were in the outside shed and three more in the house that sits at the corner of River Drive and East Elm Street.

Members of LPD’s Narcotics Team have been working this case hard for the better part of a year making undercover buys of Crystal Meth and Suboxone, according to Chief Wallen.

Detective-Sergeant Noah Riggs pointed out that Schedule II Meth had already been recovered in this shed on Friday morning.

Pit bulls in the backyard of the home were barking when investigators arrived. “People sleep out here in this shed, and, in the summer time, they camp out all over the yard,” said Wallen. The chief explains that it’s been difficult to make headway here because there is so much traffic coming and going and that it was a challenge to gain access to what he describes as a “trap” house.

La Follette Police arrived at this 504 River Drive home soon after 6:30 Friday morning.

“Clifford Bolton, a person who is a regular at this house, showed up while we were there, and officers went to talk to him, and he evaded. Officer Zach Daugherty engaged in a foot pursuit and took Bolton into custody,” said Wallen. Bolton had a large amount of Crystal Meth on him, and he is facing evading arrest and possession of schedule II Meth, according to the chief.

In addition to Bolton, Greg Riggs was arrested for resisting arrest and possession of schedule II Meth. Tony Evans and Eva Marcum were each charged with possession of schedule II Meth. Charges of possession of schedule, II, III and IV were levied against Valerie Phillips. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/24/2023-7:30AM-UPDATED – 02/24/2023-8AM)

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