La Follette Rescue Squad Chief Charles Hutson and others load a man who was injured in an ATV rollover accident. The patient was transported from an ATV trail in a wooded area east of Exit 144, Stinking Creek Road, of I-75.

PIONEER, (WLAF) – A Wednesday afternoon ATV rollover sent one person to the hospital and left another in pain. “When I got there, a First Responder was treating him on the ground next to the side-by-side,” said La Follette Rescue Squad Chief Charles Hutson. The 25 year old man the chief is referencing was flown by a medical helicopter to a Knoxville hospital.

Hutson goes on to say that the other man was shaken up but refused treatment. “They were trying to maneuver the side-by-side through some ruts when it overturned ending up on its top,” said the chief.

The accident happened at 3:30pm on Trail 11 off Trail 13 near Meredith Road. “He was conscious and talking as we hauled him on the LRS side-by-side to meet the ambulance,” said Hutson.

The Campbell County EMS crew transported the patient from there to Camel Manufacturing off Exit 141 of I-75. The Camel property served as the landing zone for the med chopper. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/01/2023-8PM-PHOTO SUBMITTED)