JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Preston Mullins was notified of a BOLO for a pick-up truck with a tree limb sticking out of the bed of the truck. An individual had called into 911 and reported that the truck had ran off the roadway into the ditch and back onto the road Wed., Feb. 22.

They continued that the truck was driving all over the road at SR9 (Hwy 25W). Mullins parked his cruiser at the intersection of Main Street and the four lane in Jacksboro when he saw the vehicle traveling east on SR9. Mullins merged onto SR9 behind the vehicle and observed the vehicle. He saw the truck cross over fully onto the shoulder of the roadway and almost over an embankment. The truck then jerked back onto the roadway and Mullins initiated his blue lights to conduct a traffic stop, according to a report from the sheriff’s office. 

The truck turned onto Wierwoods Drive in Jacksboro and continued to travel as Mullins activated his spotlight and aimed the beam into the back glass of the truck. Mullins was able to see the driver of the truck turn and look back toward him. The truck did not stop, but continued onto Wierwoods Dr. Mullins was joined by Jacksboro Police Officer Carl Mozingo who had activated his blue lights and siren and passed Mullins and the truck. Mozingo was able to pull his vehicle in front of the truck and attempted to stop the truck. The truck then turned left from Wierwoods Dr. to Dogwood Dr., Officer Mozingo turned and blocked the trucks path, forcing the truck to come to a stop.

Deputy Mullins described the truck as a white Chevy Silverado. He approached the truck and made contact with the driver identified as Joseph Proffitt. Mullins noticed Proffitt had constricted pupils and his eyes were bloodshot. When asked why he didn’t stop, Proffitt allegedly stated that he did not know Mullins was trying to stop him.

Mullins explained the reason for the stop and Proffitt stated that he had fallen asleep multiple times while driving. Proffitt was asked for his drivers license, proof of registration and proof of insurance. When Proffitt turned and began looking for the requested items, Deputy Mullins used a flashlight and scanned the interior of the vehicle where Proffitt was reaching for weapons. Mullins saw a hypodermic needle cap along with a small baggie containing a white powdery substance sitting in the center console. As Mullins flashlight beam was on the items, Proffitt opened the center console and threw the substance into the back floorboard area of the truck. Mullins gave commands for Proffitt to get out of the truck, to which he was hesitant, but eventually complied.

When Proffitt got out of the truck, he was asked about the substance, and that he reported that he uses B12 and testosterone injections. Mullins opened the back door of the truck and saw the baggie that contained approximately .4 grams of a white powdery substance believed to be Heroin. Beside the substance, he found multiple hypodermic needles as well a piece of cotton inside a spoon with brown residue.

Proffitt was read his Miranda Rights, and he agreed to answer questions. When he was asked if he had used any of the items located in the truck, he reported that his girlfriend had Cancer, and that he made a mistake. A search of the vehicle revealed multiple hypodermic syringes, as well as multiple small corner-cut baggies containing a white powdery residue believed to be Heroin, multiple pre-paid store bought debit cards. In the passenger seat was an open container of baking soda beside a small storage box, containing multiple baggies with the same residue, multiple razor blades with a white powdery residue. In the glove box, separate from the cell phone Proffitt was using were multiple pre-paid cards. Mullins recognized this a commonly used method of payment and storage for the sale of manufacture of narcotics, according to the report.

Proffitt, 35, 120 Dogwood Lane, Jacksboro was charged with failure to maintain lane, driving under the influence (2nd offense), evading arrest, possession of schedule I controlled substance, possession of schedule VI, possession of drug paraphernalia, drivers to exercise due care, violation of TN financial law and hold for another agency. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/06/2023-6AM)