TOP PHOTO: Lonnie’s Hair Shop has been at this location for more than 15 years.

Lonnie Phillips Bible is always nearby and so are lots of clever sayings.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Since barber college in 1977, Lonnie Phillips has been clipping hair for men, women, youngsters and himself. The tall, soft spoken Phillips has moved his barber chair quite a few times over the years, but since 2007, he’s been in the same location, 294 Island Road. Lonnie’s Hair Shop is just over the hill from Jacksboro Elementary School.

Phillips graduated Knoxville Barber College, now Knoxville Institute of Hair Design, in June 1978. “The school was over in Happy Holler in Knoxville in those days,” said Phillips.

Lonnie Phillips jots down an appointment from his mobile phone at 423.494.9035, but it’s been the landline that’s been a problem. He’s trying to get his old phone number and landline back in operation without much luck.

His start came with the late Walter Hunter at a shop called Headlines. When asked where that was, he responded quickly, 819 East Beech Street-La Follette, a real testament to Phillips steel trap of a memory. “I’m thankful God’s given me this memory,” added Phillips. That great memory comes in handy remembering the names and telephone numbers of clients and being able to strike up a conversation about family and friends.

How about when you were at Woodson Mall? “We moved-in on September 19, 1978,” Phillips shot back.

Shirley Goins, the candy lady, says about Lonnie, “He’s a good one” right before she gets settled for a trim. Goins expressed just how glad she was to have met Lonnie. That was three years ago.

Locals are not the only clients counting on Phillips. Out of towners do, too, from the likes of Maryville, Kingston, McMinnville and South Carolina.

“I don’t smile a lot,” said Phillips. However, he was able to muster one for the camera.

What Phillips likes best about his career is learning. “I’m nosey and want to learn,” as Phillips chuckles.

Lonnie’s Hair Shop is open Tuesday through Saturday. To schedule an appointment, call Lonnie at 423.494.9035.

“I’m going to keep clipping as long as I can,” said Lonnie Phillips. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/10/2023-6AM)

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  1. Lonnie has cut my hair for more years than I can remember. He’s a good barber and a good friend.

  2. Lonnie is the best! He was my hairdresser when I was growing up, and now he cuts my boys’ hair. He has always been a close friend of our family and we truly treasure him!!

  3. Lonnie has cut our family’s hair for around 40 or more years & always does Great! He does Excellent Color also! One of the Most Caring people you’ll ever know!

  4. Lonnie was a good friend to my brother Eddie Ellison, he cut all of our hair growing up. He is a good soul.

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