LAFOLLETTE, TN. (WLAF)- A Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy was recently behind a white Chevrolet Silverado that was following a maroon Jeep when he saw the driver of the Jeep hold his arm out the window with his middle finger toward the Silverado. He then saw the driver of the Silverado waving toward him and begin to point at the Jeep. After observing the interaction and hearing a radio call, Deputy Preston Mullins knew this was the event being described on the police radio.

Central dispatch advised the caller of the incident was in the Silverado. Dispatchers continued that the driver of the Jeep was attempting to run the Silverado off the roadway and began yelling to the occupants of the Silverado attempting to get them to pull over and fight.

As all of the vehicles approached and stopped at a traffic light, Mullins rolled down his passenger window and the driver of the Silverado allegedly said “He told me to pull over, he was going to whoop my ass.” When the light turned green the Jeep drifted to the right crossing over the fog line, then jerked back onto the roadway; the Silverado then changed lanes and passed the Jeep and the Jeep swerved toward the Silverado. That’s when Mullins conducted a traffic stop on the Jeep.

Mullins noticed the driver of the Jeep, Derek Wade Nelson, allegedly had red, glossy eyes and his pupils were dilated. Nelson was asked what had prompted his behavior. The other vehicle would not pass him, was his alleged response. Mullins explained the road rage laws to Nelson and asked Nelson for his driver’s license. Nelson provided a CDL license. He was then asked for his registration and proof of insurance. As Nelson turned and began looking for his registration and proof of insurance, Mullins could allegedly smell alcohol. Nelson denied drinking any alcoholic beverages, the report said. A check of Nelson’s license revealed his CDL license was suspended, but his regular license was not. Nelson was asked to step out of the vehicle and walk back to Mullins patrol car. As Nelson exited the Jeep, Mullins noticed him take a wide stride back to the patrol car. He was asked again if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages. This time Nelson allegedly said he had just left from his friend’s house and that his friend had let him try some cinnamon Moonshine. Nelson then performed poorly on the field sobriety tests, the report said.

Nelson’s passenger was questioned as to if she had been drinking as well. She had also consumed Moonshine within the night, according to Nelson. The passenger allegedly told Mullins she had consumed Moonshine and beer. It was determined by Mullins and Sgt. Justin Phillips the passenger needed to contact someone for a ride and to pick up the Jeep.

Mullins transported Nelson to the jail while Phillips remained on the scene with the passenger. When the passenger’s mother and father arrived on the scene, the mother allegedly became verbally aggressively and confrontational. She questioned Phillips about the traffic stop, as well as accusing the other party in the road rage incident of being “crack heads.”

 She also accused the other party of the incident of being responsible for Nelson’s arrest. The mother and  passenger proceeded to call Phillips and Mullins “jerks” and asked for the names of all parties involved, then allegedly said “she knows Det.-Sgt. David Wormsley as well as Sherriff Wayne Barton and was going to be calling them,” according to the report.

Nelson, 29, 303 Mountain Perkins Lane, Jacksboro was charged on March 5with driving under the influence (DUI). (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 03/15/2023- 6AM)