TOP PHOTO: La Follette Police returned to a familiar location Friday morning, a home at 506 North 13th Street. Drug related arrests have been made at this address in prior years.

Eleven people were detained at this house as LPD investigators executed a narcotics search warrant on Friday morning. Sitting on the bottom left of the steps is Tammy Flower (61), and behind her is Justin Clifford Bolton (33). (Right side, bottom, front) Timothy Swain (59), and Jenny Siler (45) sits behind Swain. These four individuals and two others, who are not pictured, were arrested. The other two are Mark Perkins (44) and Marie Williams (37).

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “This may be the most people we’ve found in one house,” said La Follette Police Lt. Matthew Forsyth. The lieutenant, along with members of the La Follette Police Special Response Team and Narcotics Squad, executed a narcotics search warrant at a home that is very familiar to the investigators; 506 North 13th Street. Units rolled up to the home just after 6:30am Friday.

HERE is a related story from a July 2022 raid at this same home.

UPDATE: Six of the 11 people detained in the Friday morning raid were arrested.

Tammy Fowler, 61, schedule II Meth for resale, possession of schedule III and felony possession of drug paraphernalia

Justin Clifford Bolton, 33, possession of schedule IV, schedule V and drug paraphernalia

Timothy Swain, 59, possession of schedule I Heroin, schedule II Meth, schedule IV and possession of drug paraphernalia

Jenny Siler, 45, possession of schedule I Heroin, schedule II Meth, schedule IV and possession of drug paraphernalia

Mark Perkins, 44, a capias bench warrant

Marie Williams, 37, violation of parole

This raid was two months in the making, according to LPD Lt. Matthew Forsyth.

Forsyth said this is the culmination of a two months long investigation, and Tammy Fowler was the main target. Undercover agents made purchases of Meth at this address.

La Follette Police rolled up on its target address on Friday about an hour before sun up.

Arrests are pending at this hour. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/24/2023-7:30AM)