TOP PHOTO: The wreck of two big rigs and a car on I-75 triggered a series of events.

CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – A wreck on I-75 involving two 18-wheelers and a car sent one person to the hospital Thursday night. From there, it was non-stop for emergency personnel.

Around 9:30pm Thursday three vehicles wrecked at Mile Marker 136, a couple of miles north of Caryville Exit 134. That was on the southbound side of the interstate. One person was transported by Campbell County EMS to the La Follette Medical Center, treated and released, according to officials.

For hours, traffic on I-75 was all but stopped coming south though vehicles were able to squeeze by the wreckage down the left shoulder. I-75 was reopened about four hours later just after 1:30am Friday.

Cardiac patient

Not long after traffic began jamming up, there was an emergency taking place in one of the cars stuck in traffic on I-75. A woman, a cardiac patient in a private vehicle, was being driven to the hospital. However, they were stopped at Mile Marker 139. The car was allowed to travel on down the shoulder to the scene of the wreck where first responders with Campbell County EMS transported the patient to the Caryville ball field. She was airlifted to a Knoxville hospital.

Second wreck

While the developments on I-75 were taking place, another wreck occurred. It was a two-vehicle wreck that happened in front of Walmart on the four lane on the Caryville bound side.

Third wreck

A big rig attempting to go around the interstate wreck and back-up headed down Old Highway 63. The trailer of the rig ended up getting propped up on the bridge at Red Ash across from the power station.

Fourth wreck

Another 18-wheeler looking to get around the stopped vehicles on I-75 exited the interstate at Exit 144, Stinking Creek. As it traveled the gravel road west between the interstate and Howard Baker Highway, the truck’s rear axle came off the rig.

There were no injuries in the second, third and fourth wrecks.

Responding agencies included Caryville Fire and Police, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, EMS and EMA, TDOT and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/24/2023-6AM-PHOTO COURTESY OF CARYVILLE FIRE CHIEF EDDIE HATMAKER)