JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- After being seen at the Campbell County Soccer matches following his suspension last week, embattled coach Jason Austin has been reminded not to act in an “official capacity.”

Last Monday, Austin was placed on suspension after allegations of inappropriate actions were levied against him.

In the days following his suspension, Austin was seen at several CCHS Soccer matches. While his son has remained on the team, sources told WLAF Austin appeared to be acting in a coaching manner including having a team huddle.

Jason Austin (far left, kneeling) has been reminded he can’t act as a coach while under suspension.

Campbell County Chief Deputy Cody Chapman said the criminal investigation into the allegations was continuing but there had been no restraining orders put in place.

Late Monday, Campbell County Director of Schools Jennifer Fields said she has spoken with Austin.

“I told him being suspended means not performing any coaching activities,” she said. “He can attend the games but can’t act in any capacity as a coach.” This was told to Austin last week as he was suspended from duties. Fields said she has reminded him again as of this week.

The interim coach is Matt Schroeder.