LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “Beech Street is going to be paved from east to west,” said Stan Foust, Administrator for the City of La Follette.

A long list of streets to be paved was announced at Tuesday’s regular monthly meeting of the mayor and council. However, Beech Street was not among those streets announced.

Foust explains that Beech Street is a paving project of its own. “We have a pre construction meeting with Portland Contractors in the next couple of weeks to start working toward the street’s failing infrastructure, namely the storm water drainage on West Beech. Once they repair 18 cuts, we will be able to start the process with the paving on the entire Beech Street, east to west,” said Foust.

Beech Street, a rough ride for travelers, is expected to be paved this summer with new sidewalks planned to follow.

The long overdue paving of Beech Street has been kicked around and talked about for the better part of six or seven years. Foust was confident in saying that all of Beech would be paved this summer and added that the company winning the bid on the job will likely be installing the sidewalk entrances.

A sidewalk grant for new sidewalks on Beech Street is in progress, according to Foust. The paving will come first. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/08/2023-6AM)