TOP PHOTO: This is a look from last Thursday morning of the Caryville Cares Playground project. WLAF’s Charlie Hutson snapped this photo from high above via WLAF’s Eagle I.

CARYVILLE, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – Today, the Caryville Cares Playground announced it received an unmodified audit of its annual financial statements.  An unmodified audit, also known as a clean audit, means that the financial statements fairly present the financial position and results of the organization’s operations in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Additionally, the audit found that there was no evidence of any administrative expenses – meaning that every dollar donated to the organization went directly to the organization’s mission. 

“Financial transparency is key to our organization,” said Brandon Johnson, Chairman of Caryville Cares.  “We believe that having a quality audit gives our donors an extra level of security in knowing that we are good stewards of their donations.”

The audit was conducted by CA Bailey, an independent third party with significant accounting experience in the nonprofit world.  The audit evaluated the reliability of financial data in the financial statements, the accuracy of the statements, check registers, and receipts. 

The Caryville Cares Playground will bring the community’s first inclusive playground to life and, despite some slight construction delays, is on track to be completed before the fall. 

For more information about the organization’s finances, or to read the full audit report, visit HERE