TOP PHOTO: Jerry Dagley is on the far right in this photo as he and some of his former Owls share memories.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Though he was the starting quarterback for the La Follette Owls football team, Mike Hatmaker was also the manager of the Owls basketball team and had a front row seat to the Owls games and sat near the coach, Jerry Dagley.

Dagley’s first La Follette Owl varsity team was 1968-69, a team that had limited returning players from the season before’s highly successful team. “Coach molded that team, and it ended up being the best team he ever had,” said Hatmaker.

“David Crutchfield was the team’s best player, and he carried that team. Bucket Brewer, Fred Heatherly, David Bishop and others stepped up,” said Hatmaker.

Dagley’s first team was a win away from the state tournament. Holston nipped the Owls 41-40 in the regional tournament.

“From the time I met him in 1967, he was a great and caring man. When I was a freshman at UT, he would call, and we would go watch teams practice,” added Hatmaker.

“For years and years, he was a very good person, a heck of a person,” said Hatmaker. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/24/2023-6AM)