LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – On Monday afternoon, the LaFollette City Council met for the monthly workshop.

Amanda Maynard with Grassroots Planning was first up to speak. Maynard was present to discuss the $600,000 home grant awarded to the city. The first step in the process will be passing policy and procedures for the grant, which will be voted on at tonight’s regular monthly meeting.

Administration carried the volume of the agenda beginning with appointing a LaFollette E-911 board member. Next up was the appointment of a Beautification Board Member. Nominations for both boards will be taken at tonight’s meeting. Two event permits will be on the agenda Tuesday afternoon for approval, Coolidge Ridge Missionary Baptist Church and Heritage Baptist Church. The council will vote on opening a new checking account at Peoples Bank of the South for a general fund special escrow account. The final administration matter was a discussion on a property numbering system. An ordinance was passed in 1997 that required all homes to be numbered. Monday afternoon, the council discussed going forward, and the ordinance will be enforced. Homes should be numbered as well as mailboxes.

The fire department is seeking approval to promote Tim Frazier to full-time entry level fire fighter with EMT at a salary of $33,095.54.

The police department has three promotions on the agenda for approval today. First up is the promotion of Shane Tielman to a full time Sergeant at a salary of $39,964.08, and next will be promoting Timothy Collingsworth to a full time Sergeant at a salary of $39,964.08. The other promotion is of LeAnn Helton to full-time dispatcher at a salary of $29,993.60.

There are three resolutions on the agenda for approval at this afternoon’s meeting. Resolution 2023-10 authorizes the City of LaFollette to participate in the PEP Risk Management Pool (Safety Partners) Loss Control Matching Grant Program, and this is done yearly. Resolution 2023-11 provides in lieu of tax payments from LaFollette Utilities. Resolution 2023-12 amends the 2023-24 budget. The final item for approval will be Ordinance 2023-11 amending the City of LaFollette court fees, and it will have a first reading today. The court fees are currently between $121 and $126, the council previously discussed doubling the fees. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/01/2023-6AM)