TOP PHOTO: The water main break has left several without water service in the Woodson’s Mall portion of town. LUB veteran Ronald McGhee began digging within minutes of the first phone call of the incident. (PHOTO BY WLAF’s MATTHEW MOORE)

LAFOLLETTE, TN. (WLAF)- There is a major break in a water line in LaFollette. As a result, LaFollette bound traffic on the four lane is squeezed into the left lane from the Woodson’s Mall stop light to Walgreens

Initially, there were several LUB crew members on site to assess the situation. The first call of the leak came in not long after 11am Wednesday.

It is in the emergency lane of the east bound lanes of travel between Murphy’s Gas Station and Walgreens. Water crews were dispatched to the area to assess the damage and soon began repairing the leak. Several customers in the area have reported having little to no water. There is not an estimation of time for the repair and restoration of water service.

Several restaurants in the area were left unable to serve lunch when they were left without water.

The break is being repaired. (PHOTO COURTESY OF LUB FACEBOOK)