TOP PHOTO: For the balance of the day, lots of LUB customers were without water while traffic was backed up for miles on the four lane due to a lane closure to allow room for LUB crews to work safely.

David Wilson (left) and Jordan Teague put the finishing touches over the repaired water line around 6pm Wednesday as Cobie Herrin looks on from the backhoe.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “I had just taken one bite of my sandwich when the call came in telling me to load the back hoe and head to the four lane,” said veteran LUB crew member Randy Hammac. A water main broke next to the four lane between Woodson’s Mall and Walgreens, and Hammac knew his lunch break was over, and that it was all hands on deck.

Crews worked from not long after 11am until 6:30pm when water was fully restored and the closed right lane of the four lane was reopened.

Randy Hammac, behind the wheel of the LUB dump truck, and his fellow crew members had an extra busy day Wednesday.

The break forced a couple of restaurants, in the mall, and near the mall, to close. Water was out to a lot of customers from the Towe String Road stop light almost to the Dossett Road red light. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/24/2023-6AM)