TOP PHOTO: Minor injuries were sustained by some of those involved in a couple of Sunday afternoon wrecks on I-75.

CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – Just before 5pm, a couple of vehicles wrecked on I-75 on Sunday afternoon. Minutes later four more vehicles, including an 18-wheeler, wrecked as a result of the initial accident.

Both mishaps happened on the southbound side around Mile Marker 137. Two Campbell County EMS Units were called to the scene.

The interstate on the southbound side was temporarily shutdown at Mile Marker 137. One ambulance had to go north in the southbound lanes to reach the wreck scene.

A Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy began a rolling roadblock in order to slow traffic and prevent a third accident.

There was another wreck just after the interstate accidents late Sunday afternoon. It was on Laurel Branch Road, which is right off Stinking Creek Road, near the original Stanfield Church of God. The female driver of a vehicle ran off Laurel Branch Road and overturned in the creek, Clear Fork. She suffered serious injuries and was transported by ground ambulance to a Knoxville hospital.(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/27/2023-5:40PM-UPDATED 08/28/2023-6AM)