By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Postmark LaFollette is bringing live theatre performances back to the community with plans for a November production of “The Letterbox.”

The next production meeting is Tues., Aug. 29, at 6pm, at the old post office on South Tennessee Avenue in LaFollette.

The “Letterbox”, was the first play Postmark initially presented, according to Postmark LaFollette Board Chair Gale Stanley. It was written by a group of local artists. 

“It tells the story of our community through letters written between friends and family members that passed through the doors of the old LaFollette Post Office. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and sometimes reflective, the play tracks both the daily and major events that shaped our families and lives through the Great Depression, World War II, the formation of TVA, and other experiences,” Stanley said. 

Performances of “The Letterbox” are planned to begin around Nov. 10. 

“The Letterbox” takes place in LaFollette’s old post office and highlights the story of the building and all of the people that passed through its doors. 

“It is a fitting play to restart our drama program at Postmark,” Stanley said.

“There are lots of opportunities for people to participate in all phases of production.”

According to Stanley, Postmark is thrilled to be getting the drama program underway once more.

“We have developed and produced several plays, all written by local story tellers and all performed by local actors. This is a great way to tell the story of our rich history and demonstrate the deep talent we have here.”

Opportunities for participation include set design, props, lighting, sound, administration, direction, actors and more! For more information connect to the Postmark website or by calling 865.617.0965. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/28/2023-6AM)