By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Teachers make a difference in their students lives each and every day. For many students, having a teacher who cares and goes that extra mile can be the difference in a successful education and graduation. We’ve all had that teacher who inspired us or helped in some way. That’s why WLAF and Eagle Tire Pros salute all of our hard working educators with a weekly feature.

This week’s featured teacher is Amy Cowan. 

She teaches Kindergarten at Jacksboro Elementary School and is in her 10th year as an educator!

This week’s Eagle Tire Pros teacher of the week is Amy Cowan. She teaches Kindergarten at Jacksboro Elementary School.

Cowan is married to “an amazing man named Ryan Cowan” and she has two stepchildren named Gavin Cowan and Alyssa Cowan and a baby girl named Lilah Cowan.

Amy was born and raised in Campbell County where she attended Jacksboro Elementary School, Jacksboro Middle School and Campbell County High School. 

After high school, she attended Lincoln Memorial University, where she studied Elementary Education. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Learning and Development for grades K-6. 

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“Being a Kindergarten teacher has been my dream since I was a child,” Cowan said.

There have been “numerous people that inspired ” her into a career in education, as well as during her time in the profession. 

“My mother instilled a love for learning in me from the moment I entered the world. My mom, little sister and I would spend countless hours reading and playing school, which are now some of my fondest memories,” Cowan said.

She has also had educators throughout her “entire life that have shaped the educator she is today.”

“I became a teacher to empower and inspire kids to do and be all they can be. I want to always give them the support, love, understanding, encouragement, and hope so that they can do anything and everything they set their minds to,” Cowan said.

According to Cowan, the most important part of her job is the relationships that she gets to form with her kids and coworkers.

“I get the opportunity to help shape the lives of children every single day, which to me, is one of the most amazing opportunities that I will ever have,” Cowan said.

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  1. My grandson Axl loved Mrs. Cowan. She showed him si much love and encouragement Forever grateful.

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