LAFOLLETTE,TN. (WLAF)- Please be advised concerning PROPERTY NUMBERING SYSTEM for the City of LaFollette

This falls under the City of LaFollette’s Municipal Code, Title 16, Chapter 3.

In order to assist emergency services to ensure the quickest location of an emergency, the city will need to start enforcing Ordinance Chapter 3 Section 16 Titled PROPERTY NUMBERING SYSTEM.

 Placement instruction of identifying numbers is as follows: (16-305) The assigned property number shall be placed upon the portion of the structure and/or within any yard area which is adjacent to or in close proximity to the primary entrance of such structure; and shall be of a size and a type that is listed. Number should be at least three inches (3”) in height for residences and six inches (6”) for businesses. Numbers will be used with contrasting color and display them on the front of the structure so they are clearly visible from the road (reflective preferred). If the building is more than fifty feet (50’) from any road or is not visible from the road, an address number should be displayed at the to the drive, on a four by four (4X4) post as a minimum height of three and one-half feet (3-1/2’). Numbers should be four inches (4”) tall.

A link to the full Title 16 Municipal Code can be found by clicking here

Please note, as per the code, Compliance is expected within thirty (30) days of notice to comply. Notices will be mailed to the home owner if found to be noncompliant.

Violators can be punished by a fine up to fifty dollars ($50).

The City of LaFollette appreciates your cooperation. This will ensure that all emergency calls will be directed to the correct location.

 If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the City of LaFollette.