Top Photo: Music teachers with Postmark were honored at Monday night’s celebration

By Matthew Moore

Postmark LaFollette celebrated its one-year anniversary of offering music lessons on a Monday evening in downtown LaFollette at the Postmark building. Many students, parents, and folks from the community showed up to join the fun.

There was a bunch of tasty food, like pizza from Charley’s Pizza, hot dogs from Katie’s Carry Out and Catering, and cupcakes from CC’s Cakes & Creations to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Tony Branam is the program director, and the teachers are Joseph and Samantha Hensley, Diane Lovejoy, Clayton Carroll, and Robin Hensley is the program assistant. To learn more

Over the past year, the program has come a long way. It started with just 7 students and 3 instructors, and now it has grown to 74 students learning from 4 dedicated instructors. This impressive journey highlights how successful the program has become and how much it’s appreciated by the local community.

A Postmark Music event isn’t complete without coming together for an old fashioned jam session.

The Postmark LaFollette Arts, Culture and History Center is located at 119 S. Tennessee Avenue, LaFollette, TN. To learn more about the program, visit their website HERE. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 10/24/2023 – 6AM)