LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Yesterday afternoon, the LaFollette City Council met for the monthly workshop. Topics ranged from animal control to a Christmas Light Contest.

The first topic discussed was the skate park. Last month a group of concerned individuals came to the monthly meeting to express their concerns about the fate of the skate park, Mayor Cliff Jennings requested they come back to this afternoon’s meeting. The individuals came back only to learn that the fate of the skate park had been decided. Jennings told the group that the equipment had been tabbed as surplus, and they were looking to donate the equipment to the county. 

The next topic discussed was ATV/UTV’s traveling on Hwy 63-State Route 9. Police Chief Steve Wallen reported the ATV/UTV traffic has became an issue. After a short discussion, Wallen and the council agreed that the police department will be stopping individuals and issuing citations if found traveling off the posted routes on ATV/UTV’s.

The topic that garnered the most discussion was an invoice that the city received from Friends of Campbell County Tennessee Animals. City Administrator Stan Foust told the council he was seeking direction from them on how to proceed. The city received a bill for $1,620, the breakdown of the bill shows a charge of $220 for an injured animal brought to the shelter, five animals with court/legal holds including stray holds and bite holds for $1,100 and 15 animals held at the cost of $20 per day totaling $300. Jennings stated that he was not in favor of paying the invoice. Jennings then stated that when the city receives a legal bill, we’ll either pay it or sue them. Friends of Campbell County Tennessee Animals Director Patricia Siwinski was present at the meeting.

Jennings told the council that he would like to bring back the Christmas Light Contest, prizes would be $300 for first place, $200 for second place and $100 for first place. The council will vote at the monthly meeting how they would like to proceed.

Three promotions will be on the agenda for the regular meeting next week beginning with Christian Adam Southern to full time patrol officer at salary of $36,664.78, next will be Stephen Carroll to full time patrol officer at a salary of $36,664.78 and finally promoting Cody Jones to a full time sanitation worker at a salary of $32,163. All promotions would be effective Nov. 11.

The final discussion was about a truck that the recreation department needs, and the money had previously been appropriated for the truck. However, that truck is not available at this time, but a larger truck with a bigger price tag is available. The council will decide how to proceed at the next meeting with the purchase. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/31/2023-6AM)