TOP PHOTO: The Campbell County Board of Education met Tuesday evening, voting to give bonuses to full time and part time employees, as well as bus drivers. School board chair Steve Morgan (left) and Director of Schools Jennifer Fields (right) at Tuesday’s School board meeting.

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Board of Education met Tuesday evening, discussing and approving an addendum to the agenda giving bonuses to full- time and part- time employees, as well as bus drivers.

The board approved $1,000 bonuses for full- time certified and classified personnel and $500 for part-time certified and classified personnel. These bonuses exclude the director of schools, school board members and substitute teachers.

The motion passed unanimously. 

“I would like to say, I’m glad we could do this. The employees deserve it; I wish we could do more,” BOE member Johnny Byrge said.

Other board members said they agreed. 

“We had a lot of people that worked really really hard on this. We all wish we could do more,” Board Chairman Steve Morgan said.

According to the budget amendment, this will result in full- time employees receiving net wages of approximately $750 and part- time employees receiving net wages of $400.

According to the county budget amendment resolution, the 141 General Purpose School Fund will provide for the bonus costs associated with Federal Projects Funds since allocated funds have already been appropriated to meet programmatic needs, while the Central Cafeteria Fund will provide for bonus costs for food service employees. 

Also approved was a budget amendment providing a $2,000 non-recurring supplemental payment for each of the 32 bus routes for the remainder of the present school year. The $2,000 supplement will be allocated at $125 per payment for the remaining 16 transportation service payments for the fiscal year beginning December 1, 2023.

“We had quite a conversation, and this was the recommendation,” Morgan said.

This motion passed unanimously. 

Bus company owner Marty Jackson had addressed the BOE twice last month asking for more pay for his drivers so he “didn’t lose them.”

Jackson was once again in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting. 

After the meeting was over, Jackson said the bonuses “were a start in the right direction” and he “appreciated the effort.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/15/2023-6AM)