By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – We’ve all had that teacher who inspired us or helped in some way. That’s why WLAF and Eagle Tire Pros salute one of our hard working educators with a weekly feature. Teachers make a difference in their students lives each and every day. For many students, having a teacher who cares and goes that extra mile can be the difference in a successful education and graduation.

This week’s featured teacher is Felicia Tackett. She teaches third grade at Jacksboro Elementary School and is a first year teacher.

She was raised in Campbell County, is married and has three daughters. 

Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and family game nights. 

Felicia Tackett is Eagle Tire Pros teacher of the week. She is pictured here with her husband Richard and their daughters Taylor (15), Aubrie (10) and Wrenley (9 months).

Tackett graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree from King University in April 2022. She plans to start working on her Master’s Degree in January 2024.

Tackett said she began volunteering in her daughter’s head start classroom in 2012 and that’s what inspired her to follow a career in teaching. 

“I knew from the moment I started working with those students that I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to help students reach their potential,” Tackett said.

She enjoys teaching science, which can be “made so interesting with different experiments and hands on work.”

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She tries to inspire her students, as well as make learning fun, while building a positive, respectful  environment for her students, Tackett said.

“I couldn’t do any of this without my mentors and co-workers at Jacksboro Elementary; they have been so welcoming and helpful. I am especially grateful to my 3rd grade team, who has been so supportive this year,” Tackett said.

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