TOP PHOTO: This stretch of highway is common to deer, especially at dawn and dusk this time of year.

A pick-up truck collided with a deer on Island Ford Road at Jacksboro on Monday morning at 5:45

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Jacksboro Chief of Police Daniel Smith cautions you that from now through the end of the year is the most dangerous time of year for motorists to encounter deer. “We had 10 to 12 collisions this time last year on the four lane between Jacksboro Middle School and Cove Lake State Park. One person lost her life,” said Chief Smith.

“Most of the time early morning hours when people are commuting to work is one of the most dangerous times and late in the day at dusk.  That’s when the deer are most active,” said the chief.

Bottom line when it comes to deer season, Chief Smith emphasizes you to stay safe.  Stay alert.

It’s only natural to try and swerve to miss a deer. “If you swerve to miss a deer, a lot of times, you’ll swerve and hit another vehicle, and it causes a more severe crash.  So you are better off the stay in your lane and try to slow down before striking the animal and then stop,” said Smith.

Checking your speed in deer prone areas, especially where there are signs for deer crossings, is a must. “Some people do speed.  But if you can, through certain areas, please slow down.  If you do see an animal on the side of the road, take very precautious measures.  Slow down even further until you are past the animal,” noted Chief Smith.

Deer tend to travel in packs. “If you see a deer come across the road, there’ll be one or two following behind.  It’s usually the deer you don’t see that you hit,” said Smith.

Bottom line, Chief Smith emphasizes you to stay safe.  Stay alert. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/27/2023-6AM)