CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN. (WLAF)- Bill Cox has sued the county alleging it has his money and won’t return it.

Cox, who owns Alco Builders and Realty, filed the suit in Campbell County Circuit Court last month.

Within the filing, Cox said in 2011, the county, under the direction of the county’s regional planning commission, required he post a $20,000 bond “in relation to certain construction of homes.”

The homes have been completed, but Cox has yet to have his money returned. This constitutes a breach of contract, according to the lawsuit.

In an attempt to have his funds returned, Cox has contacted the county “on several occasions” but hasn’t seen his money refunded. Furthermore, the county hasn’t offered a reason as to why they are allegedly retaining Cox’s money, the suit said.

Cox is requesting $50,000 in damages along with costs and attorney’s fees. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 12/14/2023- 6AM)