NASHVILE,TN. (WLAF)- Four state highways in Senate District 12 will receive a total of $148.9 million in upgrades over the next 10 years to accommodate growth and increase safety, according to State Sen. Ken Yager’s office (R-Kingston.) The projects include widening roadways and improving intersections.

Campbell County will receive $15.1 million for the widening of State Route 63.

 The new projects are part of a 10-year, $15 billion plan from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to establish a long-term investment strategy for infrastructure in Tennessee. Much of the funding for these projects is made possible – either in whole or in part – through the $3 billion provided by Transportation Modernization Act which was co-sponsored  Yager and passed by the General Assembly earlier this year. The other portion of funding is allocated from the TDOT work program budget which provides about $1.2 billion annually.

“Our district will benefit greatly from this new long-term plan from TDOT,” said Yager. “I appreciate TDOT’s targeted attention to rural Tennessee to ensure roadways in less densely populated areas are safe and can accommodate the needs of our communities. These projects are an investment in the future of our district and will alleviate various roadway and traffic issues.  I have great confidence in TDOT, and I will be closely monitoring these projects until they are completed. I was happy to support the legislation that made much of these funds available, and I appreciate the work of Gov. Bill Lee and Commissioner Butch Eley for their vision and leadership to address our state’s traffic issues.”

The new long-term plan prioritizes projects currently under TDOT’s 3-Year Plan and accelerates IMPROVE Act projects. The plan also provides important funding for collaboration with local communities, such as Statewide Partnership Program (SPP) projects, and investments in sidewalks and bikeways through grants and other initiatives. It also includes Tennessee’s first potential Choice Lanes to serve motorists in some of the most congested urban areas of Tennessee. Tennessee’s Choice Lanes will be new, additional lanes that benefit all Tennesseans by reducing overall traffic in existing general lanes to provide more reliable travel times through frequently congested corridors.

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