CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN. (WLAF)- An estimated 245,000 additional dogs and cats are waiting in the shelter system compared to this time last year, and there’s no better time to adopt. Through Monday (Jan. 15) you can name the adoption fee on all adult dogs at the Campbell County Animal Shelter.

Shelter Animals Count (SAC), the most trusted and current source for animal sheltering data, urges potential pet parents to be adopters, rather than shoppers, when it comes to getting a pet. There’s no better time to adopt, as new estimates show there are nearly 245,000 additional pets waiting in the shelter system compared to last year. This means the shelter population grew by nearly a quarter million animals in 2023. This is critical for shelters, who were already overwhelmed and overcapacity at the end of 2022.

“Opting to adopt from shelters or rescue groups not only saves lives and sends a message of support to struggling shelters, but it also fills the demand of pet-seeking families with pets from within already saturated communities,” said Stephanie Filer, executive director for Shelter Animals Count. “Adopting a pet is the most sustainable and socially conscious choice, which helps alleviate the shelter crisis, rather than compounding it.” “For those not ready to adopt, fostering is also a wonderful way to help, as it offers animals a break from the shelter environment, and lightens the load for overburdened shelter staff, even temporarily,” Filer added. In addition, fostering helps dogs get adopted.

There is an increasing urgency for adoption in our local community. As the temperatures drop, many people are considering bringing a new family member home. This is a unique opportunity for us to find forever homes for the animals in care. The shelter is in dire need of supplies like blankets, food, toys, and medical resources to ensure the well-being of the shelter residents. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 01/12/2024- 6AM)