CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN. (WLAF)- With the high already being reached for today, the temperatures have nowhere to go but down. Tonight’s predicted low is 9 degrees, which means some people will wake up to frozen water pipes. Taking steps now can help eliminate that problem.

Frozen pipes can be prevented by insulating them before it gets colder, according to Sherman Campbell of Ace Hardware in LaFollette. Using pipe wrap or heat tape can keep plumbing from freezing. Campbell also advises leaving a small drip in faucets and opening cabinet doors to protect pipes.

In rooms that have pipes along exterior walls space heaters can also be used, Campbell said.

Gaps or opening in walls can be closed by using a the foam sealant.

All of these products can be purchased at Smith Ace Hardware in LaFollette but supplies are going fast, he said.

There are also a few sleds left but Campbell predicted those will be sold within a few hours.

Smith Ace Hardware is open until 5pm today.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 1/15/2024- 1:50PM)