TOP PHOTO: It’s been an all hands on deck week for crews with the Campbell County Highway Department.

The four lane near La Follette Monuments at 8am Friday.

CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN. (WLAF)- As another wave of cold air and snow moves across the area, road conditions have deteriorated.

“They are bad,” Campbell County Road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck said this morning. On Monday morning people woke to a dry wet snow. This morning the snow that had hung on all week now has a fine layer of ice over it.  As temperatures continue to drop throughout the day Dilbeck doesn’t expect the conditions to improve.

People should not be on the roads, Dilbeck said.  

County road crews have been working around the clock since early Monday morning to combat the elements. Last night was no different. Around 2:30am, the road department was using plows to push the snow off roadways but their work has since turned to ice.

“It’s crazy how bad it is,” Dilbeck said.

In the first two days of this snow storm the county used more supplies than it had used in the last two years, according to Dilbeck. And in the last 24 hours, they have used half what they used the first of the week. Despite the amount of supplies used, Dilbeck said there was still plenty of materials left.

Trucks are now blocking Old Highway 63 in Caryville as they have attempted to avoid the interstate. Last night, multiple weather related conditions closed a portion of I-75. CLICK HERE for related story.

“I encourage everyone to not even think about getting out,” Dilbeck said. The less traffic on the road allows crews to work better and safer.

Even with running 18 plows Dilbeck said today would “be an uphill battle.”

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 1/19/2024- 10:15AM)