Daily Bread is WLAF’s business of the week! The home bakery is owned and operated by Kelli Hatmaker.

By Charlotte Underwood

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Kelli Hatmaker is living her dream by baking bread and glorifying God with her new business Daily Bread. She’s been making sourdough bread for a year and began her business about six months ago.

Hers is a “faith-based bakery”, and she specializes in sourdough with different menu drops each week. She has a special Valentine’s Day menu coming up which features heart loafs, double chocolate loafs and the sourdough sandwich loaf. The Valentine’s menu also features something sweet with sourdough white chocolate strawberry scones! “Give the gift of delicious bread to your special someone!”

Two days out of every week, she turns her home into a bakery. 

The sourdough sandwich loaf is a local favorite at Daily Bread.

“I take pride in my bread; I take the temperature of my bread to not over-proof it. Baking bread is a science. I also buy top shelf ingredients such as King Arthur flour and my bread is sweetened with local honey from a honey farm in Clairfield,” Hatmaker said.

According to Hatmaker, her bread is the “healthier choice” made without chemical preservatives like store-bought bread. Her home-made breads will keep for four to five days.

“Sourdough is also good for gut health,” Hatmaker said.

Hatmaker used to be the marketing director at the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce and said she always loved to work with the local small business owners.

“They were all so passionate about their businesses. I always loved to cook and bake, and I wanted to start my own business out of my home in order to be with my children,” Hatmaker said. Her kids are eight and ten years old.

Hatmaker started experimenting with the starter for sourdough and got it to double, which is an important step in making sourdough bread. Over the past year of fine tuning, Hatmaker has developed her own technique in making her breads.

She said the past year had been her “growing season”, both in her business and in her spirituality.

Hatmaker said the name of her business is very important to her and that she had struggled to find a name and “had prayed” about what to call it.

The double chocolate loaf will be featured for Valentine’s Day.

“I wanted to sell my bread, but I wanted to glorify God and it was like the Lord spoke to my spirit; ‘you will name it Daily Bread, because I am your portion, I am enough for you,’ so I named it Daily Bread,” Hatmaker said. She started her Facebook page to “not only sell her bread but to glorify God.”

“I give the Lord credit for this and just want to say a big thank you to God and to all the people who have supported me,” Hatmaker said.

Her business “just took off” and Hatmaker said she is thankful and grateful for the support of the community. Her breads sell out just about every week, so if you want to give it a try, put your order in early! It’s super easy to order and to pick up!

Hatmaker also said she would accommodate local businesses in surrounding areas with delivery if the business or multiple employees at the business have an order of $40 or more.

You can order on Facebook, or through this link. You can also sign up for their text message alerts whether you have social media or not.

She has a bread cabinet on her porch for pickups and all you do after paying for and placing your order the week before, is come, find your bread with your name on it in the cabinet and go. When you order, the address will be sent to you. She is located near the Jacksboro Middle School.

Give the gift of bread or a sweet sourdough treat this Valentine’s Day from Daily Bread! Check out the special Valentine’s Day Menu.

Menus drop on Facebook on Thursday mornings at 9 am for people to make orders for the following Thursday to be picked up. Pre-orders are taken from 9 am on Thursdays until 9 pm on Saturdays, but orders fill up quickly.

“The support has been amazing, and I can’t thank everyone enough,” Hatmaker said.

For more information, call 423.494.5022 or email ourdailysourdoughbread@gmail.com. You can also check it out on Facebook. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/02/2024-6AM)