On this Grand Week, The Grand on Central features the Campbell County Cancer Association

The Campbell County Cancer Association office is located inside the former West La Follette School on West Beech Street and is open Mon., Tue., and Wed. from 9am until 1pm.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – In the 1980s, the late Tom and Billie Leach were sitting in a doctor’s office awaiting a cancer treatment for Tom. Tom asked Billie just how the average person can afford to pay for all that battling cancer involves. From that question, the Campbell County Cancer Association began in 1986.

The logic of Tom and Billie was that it would be nice if there was an organization that could help cancer patients with the little expenses that over time add up to pretty big expenses. In Campbell County, and just for Campbell County cancer patients, the Campbell County Cancer Association has been helping with some of those out-of-pocket expenses.

“The Campbell County Cancer Association, established to provide assistance for county residents who have cancer.  Our main mission has always been to provide travel vouchers to offset patient cost of gasoline in traveling for cancer medical care.  This is especially helpful now with the impact of rising fuel cost,” said Sharon Ridenour, chairman of the CCCA.

“Our organization provides needed assistance with the cost of pharmaceutical cancer related medicines.  Also, provide Ensure (food supplement) to curb weight loss and related issues due to treatment or general cancer related issues.  Additionally, we may assist patients with needed supplies such as, under pads, pull ups, head coverings or wigs.  On many days, our volunteers provides comfort and encouragement to those we serve.  Most of our current board and volunteers have been involved with CCCA since inception,” said Ridenour

From the left to right are Jim Pierce, John Green and Clarence Lowe at the CCCA office.

Donations from the community drive the organization. “Right at 95-96% of what we raise goes to patient care,” said Clarence Lowe, the treasurer for the CCCA.

“Sharon Ridenour is our chairman following Judy Rice, our first chairman. Judy said she’d serve as chairman for the first six months, and it ended up being close to 40 years,” said Lowe.

“The Campbell County Cancer Association is a non-profit organization with a 501(C) (3) status that has no-paid employees, only volunteers,” said Ridenour. 

More than $47,000 went for patients’ fuel costs in 2023, according to Clarence Lowe.

Lowe, Ridenour and Rice have been with the association for years and years volunteering their time and talents and so have many, many others. Jim Pierce is vice-chairman, Vicki Braden is the secretary while Bobbie Archer handles patient services.

“This is our sad drawer of those cancer patients we have lost over the years,” said Lowe.

“We have a lot of success stories over the years including some children under the age of five,” said Lowe.

To make a donation to the CCCA, mail your check, payable to the Campbell County Cancer Association, to CCCA at P.O. Box 122, Jacksboro, Tennessee 37757. To volunteer or learn more, call the CCCA at 423. 562.2246. The office is located inside the former West La Follette School on West Beech Street and is open Mon., Tue., and Wed. from 9am until 1pm.

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