CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN. (SPECIAL TO WLAF)- A new event for Special Olympics Athletes is coming to town.

For the first time, athletes from Campbell, Morgan, and Scott Counties will have the chance to play basketball or cheer on the sidelines. The event will take place this Sat., Feb. 10, at 4pm.

 LaFollette’s newest recreation center, Norris Lake Sports Complex, will host the event.  

Athletes from the Campbell County High School Basketball and Cheerleading Programs will be volunteering to help at the event.

Special Olympics athletes are people who are older than two- years- old who have an intellectual disability.  There is no upper age limit with one-third of the athletes 22-years-old or older.  Younger athletes, age 2-7years old, will be placed in the Young Athletes Program.  While this event centers on athletes from Campbell, Scott, and Morgan Counties, athletes do not have to live in any particular city or county to participate.  Every athlete is welcome.

“We are so excited to offer this brand new event” said Brandon Johnson, Special Olympics chairperson.  “We wanted to try something that our area has never had before, and we are excited to pack the sports complex with lots of athletes for a great afternoon of competition.”

In order for athletes to participate, they must have registered and completed the Special Olympics required paperwork by Fri., Feb. 2.  For athletes over the age of seven years old, this paperwork includes a required physical exam by a medical professional unless one has been supplied to Special Olympics within the last three years.

To register CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Special Olympics in Campbell, Morgan, and Scott Counties, you can follow them on Facebook at or call (423) 352-7595.