Monday was workshop night for the Campbell County Commission

By Charlotte Underwood 

TOP PHOTO: County Mayor Jack Lynch, left, spoke to commissioners on Monday evening about the need to hire a campground manager for the Lonas Young RV campground. Commissioners approved the reservation software system that will be used at the park. Also pictured is County Commission Chairman Johnny Bruce.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Commission held its monthly workshop on Monday, discussing issues that will be on the agenda including an opioid abatement disbursement agreement, an ETHRA Service contract and setting a bid threshold minimum for the sale of county owned industrial property. 

At the regular meeting on Mon., Feb. 26, commissioners will vote on setting the minimum bid on the county owned property on McGhee Lane. 

“We’ve been talking for the last six or seven months about selling the PTF building. We need to establish the minimum bid threshold.  If we are going to have this auction in March, there’s several things we need to do,” Commissioner Rusty Orick said.

He told commissioners they needed to set a minimum price and set a day for the onsite auction to take place.

The part of the property with the building is 4.82 acres. The other parcel of land left is 3.89 acres of property. 

Commissioners are looking at March 23rd for the auction but will vote on this at the Feb. 26 meeting. 

Orick told his fellow commissioners that they would also have to decide whether to sell both properties together, sell each tract of land separately or sell one property and retain the other property.

Commission Chairman Johnny Bruce said he felt it was an issue for the building and grounds committee. 

Bruce took a straw vote on what to do with the land. More commissioners said they preferred to retain part of the property, rather than sell both land parcels.

In the straw vote, eight commissioners said they thought the property should be retained, while three said they preferred to sell. 

The building and grounds committee will meet Monday, February 26th, at 5pm, and will have a recommendation for commissioners to vote on during the regular meeting.  

Another building and grounds issue that will be on the regular meeting agenda will be about retaining an architect for a roof failure issue at the election commission building. 

In other business, the abandonment of a small section of an unimproved right of way on Lakeshore Lane will also be on the Feb. 26 agenda, as will an ETHRA Service contract.

County Mayor Jack Lynch spoke, saying that February is Career and Technical Education month at Campbell County High School. He and commissioners will read a proclamation recognizing CTE teachers at the Feb. 26 meeting. 

Margaret “Granny” Johnson will also be recognized with a proclamation at that regular meeting. Johnson recently turned 102. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/13/2024-6AM)