By Charlotte Underwood

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Just a month after graduation, Tiffany Braden (photo above) landed her “dream job” as Campbell County High School’s new assistant band director. She started the position in January, after graduating from the University of Tennessee in December.

She said it is “surreal” to be back at CCHS and that because it was her dream job, it still doesn’t feel real at times, but it’s been “fun and exciting.” Braden also said she was trying to bring a “positive outlook” to the students.

“I want the kids to believe in themselves; to know that if they push and push and put the work in, they can be successful if they just try,” Braden said.

Braden was born and raised in LaFollette. She is the daughter of Richard and Caroline Terry.

“My parents were my biggest support for sure. I can’t think of all the places my dad had to drive me to for band,” Braden said.

She also said she wants to thank her husband Joshua Braden for all his support as well, along with several others.

“I want to thank Adam Wright, Don Hendricks, and Ed Morton for giving me the support and education that encouraged my love for music, and for welcoming me with open arms when I started this position. I also want to thank my teacher mentor, Matt Bimstein, for the constant support and encouragement that I’ve received even after my student teaching placement was over,” Braden said.

Braden graduated from CCHS in 2019 and from UT in December 2023.

While at CCHS, Braden was a drum major for two years. During her time at the University of Tennessee, Braden marched in the Pride of the Southland Band and played in the Wind Ensemble, which is the top ensemble there.

At UT she studied music education and always had the dream of working at CCHS in the music department.

“It was always my dream job – after deciding I wanted to go into music, I always wanted to come back to work here, but never thought I would. It was literally a dream when the job opened up,” Braden said.

Campbell County High School Band Director Adam Wright said he was excited for her to be at CCHS and “excited to see what she does with our students.”

“Tiffany is from Campbell County and attended school here and will be able to understand the needs of our students. She is a wonderful and dedicated musician with extreme talent and passion, and we should be able to work well together,” Wright said.

Braden knew she wanted to go into music as a career in eighth grade after “getting done with band camp.” She said she had Don Hendricks as a band teacher for two years and then Adam Wright for her eighth-grade year.

When she first started band class, she played the trumpet, but when you go to school to be a music education major, you learn how to play all the instruments; at least enough to teach students how to play. Her favorite instrument to play now is the French Horn.

Braden said she has really enjoyed her time on the job so far and hopes to share her love of music with the students at CCHS.

“The kids are great; they are really wonderful kids, and they make the job worth it every day,” Braden said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/15/2024-6AM)

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