County commissioners met Monday evening, approving several building and grounds issues, including setting an auction date for industrial property and a building on McGhee Lane.

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – County Commissioners met on Monday evening in their regular monthly meeting and approved to set the minimum bid on the county owned industrial property on McGhee Lane. An auction date was also set for Sat., April 6. It will be an onsite auction handled by Longmire Auction.

Commissioner Rusty Orick has been working on this with other building and grounds committee members since last year.

The part of the property with the building and parking lot is 4.82 acres and is what will be up for auction. The other parcel of land left is 3.89 acres, and the county will retain that property.

A resolution to set the minimum threshold bid at “no less than $520,000” on the 4.82 acres and the building was approved. 

The resolution included the clause to sell only the portion of the property that has the building and to retain the other 3.89 acres.

Whether to sell both properties together, sell each tract of land separately or sell one property and retain the other property was discussed by the building and grounds committee which recommended to retain the other parcel of property. 

Commissioner Scott Stanfield said, “for the record” he was all for selling the building, but that he was also for “selling the other property, too.”

“We said we were trying to get out of the property business,” Stanfield said. 

In other building and grounds business, the commission approved to retain an architect for a roof failure issue at the election commission building. 

Also approved was the abandonment of a small section of an unimproved right of way on Lakeshore Lane in La Follette.

Other business on the agenda included the approval of an ETHRA Service contract and an opioid abatement disbursement agreement was also approved. 

The commission recessed Monday’s meeting, instead of adjourning it and declared it would resume on Tuesday at 6pm, at which time, the commission will go immediately into executive session. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/27/2024-6AM)