Five suspects were detained in this afternoon’s drug raid on the east side of town.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – An undercover investigation into the sale of illegal narcotics is paying dividends this Thursday afternoon for the LaFollette Police Narcotics Unit, Special Response Team and Patrol Unit. “Our drug unit investigators have been purchasing Heroin at this home in about a month long investigation,” said LaFollette Police Lt. Matthew Forsyth.

At 614 East Beech Street, the corner of Beech and Cumberland, an afternoon raid was occurred with the execution of a narcotics search warrant. Frank Everette, 44, 614 East Beech St., was the target of the investigation. Everette was arrested by LaFollette Police late last summer. An arrest stemming from today’s developments is pending, according to the lieutenant.

The home where a narcotics search warrant was executed today is at the corner of Beech St. and Cumberland Ave.

Aside from Everette, there were four other suspects on the premises. All five suspects were brought out of the house and detained on the front porch.

The deep search into the house continued as WLAF News left the scene although Forsyth pointed out that a significant amount of Heroin had allegedly already been recovered.

Several officers and units participated in this Thursday afternoon raid.

After arrival on the scene, LPD called in the LaFollette Codes Department. It appears that there are possible codes violations in the house as well, according to Forsyth. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/29/2024-2:45PM)