Litter Control Officer Glennis Monday is the driving force behind a Campbell County with less litter

Since 1997, Litter Control Officer Glennis Monday, with the help of inmate workers, has made great strides in keeping Campbell County clean.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – What carries the most alcoholic beverage containers and fast food wrappers? The Campbell County Litter Control truck. “Our top two trash items we pick up are one- alcohol containers and two- fast food items,” said Litter Control Officer Glennis Monday. Monday’s efforts of cleaning up litter across the county are light years ahead of where the county was when Mayor Tom Stiner hired the personable Monday back in 1997.

Monday and his crew of Campbell County Jail inmate workers average covering eight miles of road a day of picking up trash and stay on it until it is finished, unless they come across a dump site and have to go back the next day. “We’ve come from years ago of picking up 100 bags of trash a mile to two-a-mile,” said Monday.

Old Jacksboro Pike is getting attention on this day, March 7th, and there is added motivation. “We have a brand new business, the Norris Lake Sports Complex, on this road, and lots of people are coming to it from in county and out of county. I want to make a good impression for our locals and visitors,” said Monday.

There were 733 dump sites in 1998 in the county, according to Monday. “The development of the convenience centers in the 1980s has made a big difference, and dump sites are mostly a thing of the past,” said Monday.

Twenty-five highways have now been adopted with the latest adoption earlier this month. The Scott and Lori Pasco family has adopted a little more than a mile of Little Elk Creek Road in Elk Valley.

Litter Control Officer Glennis Monday says crews average picking up a couple of bags of trash per mile compared to a hundred bags a mile a few years ago.

“I like what I do, and I love this county, the mountains, the lake, it’s beautiful. We have a beautiful county from Capuchin Mountain to Murrayville to Rarity Mountain to The Bend on Jim Lee Ridge Road. A lot of inmates and I have seen that beauty during our patrolling,” said Monday.

Monday has been named the Tennessee Litter Control Officer of the Year three times over his nearly 30 year career.

“There’s not a harder working crew. The inmate workers do a really good job,” said Monday.

It’s rare, but there’ll be a dump site off a cliff or down a steep bank. “We’ll rappel down a cliff or steep bank and clean up the site,” said Monday.

Monday also organizes clean ups for Norris Lake and the shoreline. This Saturday, March 23, Campbell County Litter Control and the Norris Lake Project Team are putting on a lake and shoreline clean-up above and below Flat Hollow Marina. Volunteers will meet at the marina at 9am and work until noon. For more information, call 423.562.2526.

“We’ll have everything you need; boats to haul volunteers, bags, gloves, pick-up tools, containers and trucks to haul off material will be provided. There’ll also be lunch at the marina for you when we finish,” said Monday. While the supply lasts, T-shirts and caps will be given to volunteers.

One of Monday’s sayings is “Don’t say it needs cleaned up, come out and volunteer and help clean it.”

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  1. This is great, I often want to stop along Demory Road, but afraid I would get hit by a car or truck.

  2. Glennis Is one of the best Men i know. He’s gave alot of inmates a purpose all while helping keep our County beautiful.

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