See the April agenda here on demand from WLAF

JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- The Campbell County Board of Education is considering renewing Director of Schools Jennifer Fields’ (above) contract. Her contract was last renewed in 2021 for four years, which means it runs through April 2025.

When the agenda for the March BOE meeting was disseminated, near the bottom of the agenda it was noted there would be consideration given to extending Fields’ contract.

At the meeting on March 12, the item was moved to the April agenda.

As it was placed on the March agenda, it didn’t meet the state law requirements. In order to meet the requirements, the item must have at least a 15-day notice and be the first item on the agenda, according to TCA 49-2-203. (Below is the April 4 agenda.)

Despite the item being tabled, Fourth District Board Member Ronnie Lasley brought it back before the board. CLICK HERE for the story.

Fields’ last evaluation was conducted, then discussed at an August 2023 meeting.

At that time, she received a 2.21 overall score, out of a top score of three, meaning she met the expectations of the position. Fields was given a 1.83 when it came to employing qualified teachers. She noted a nationwide teacher shortage was occurring at the time of her evaluation.

Only six of the board’s 10 members completed an evaluation, according to discussion at last month’s meeting. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 3/26/2024-6AM)