Happy Birthday to you…

Katheryn Angel

Pastor Jim Burton is 76

Melissa Brown

Glenna “Bingo” Irwin is 84

Betty Allen is 85

Phillip Morgan

E.J. Lambert

Robbie Weaver is 50

Betty Baird is “Sweet 81”

Tammy Claiborne

Vershel Wilson is 86

Barbara Collingsworth

Jamie Byrge Arnold

Bailey Rutherford is 21

Pam Kennedy is 52

Charles Ray Huddleston, Jr. is 42

Albert Kidwell is 35

Patrick Lawson is 57

Angela Kimberlin

Frank “Deadwood” Moore is 80

Jeff Cole

Husband and wife Jimmy (73)  & Sheila Rutherford (71) celebrate

Kinley Shae Street is 6 – Love, from your great grandparents, Carolyn & Gary Marcum

Francis Campbell is 78

Billy Morgan

Bailey Ball is 8

Bryson Warman is 15

Sheriff Robbie Goins

Hulas Shoupe is 36

The Queen of Bear Wallow, Anna Smith, is 101

It’s the WLAF – Fazoli’s Birthday Club. Call your birthday in to 423.562.1450 (or email to wlaf@1450wlaf.com with subject line of birthday) for your chance at winning dinner for two from Fazoli’s.  The dining room is open, you can also use the drive-thru or order via the app or call ahead for curbside service at Fazoli’s (423.566.0226).