This is the WLAF-Charley’s Pizza Birthday Club. Jackie Spickard is the latest birthday dinner winner from WLAF and Charley’s Pizza…-…Enter birthdays by emailing to with BIRTHDAY on the subject line or call 423.562.1450…-…Happy Birthday to you,

Corbyn Phillips is 9

Jackie Spickard is 53

Millard Chadwell is 86

Levi Campbell is 18

Marissa Hatfield is 29

Donald “Hoss” Goddard is 56

Katlin Jackson is 26

Jacob Perkins is 30

David Cannon

Mary Green

Joyce Sharp

Cara Jones is 55

Pearl Harmon is 75

Greg Cox is 61

Kathy Jessie is 66

Joshalyn Tipton is 19-Matthew Moore’s sweetheart

Elaine Waldroop is 50

Ali Freeman Braden

Fonzie Evans-Becky’s sister

Marie Cooper

Anna Wells is 89

Virgil White is 26

Edwina Ford is 56

Thomas Lively is 14

Savannah Kidwell

Otis Poore is 71

Ben Franklin      

Beth Allen

Wedding Anniversary wishes go out to the Layfields.  Eddie & Kathy Layfield celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary. 

The Moores celebrate their wedding anniversary, too.  Fifty-fifth wedding wishes go out to Linda and Wallace Moore…-…

Billy Tindle

Juanita Baird

Sherry St. John

Asher Norman is 2

Scarlett Byrge is 2     

Candace West is 36

Mary Fowler is 53

Bobby Russell is 38

Billy Ball

Eric Robbins

Wanda Phillips

Kaden Heatherly is 11

Jacob Boshears

Scott Kitts

Sharyn Vincent

Sue Bray

Jennifer Seiber

Rev. Robert Lancaster, Jr., is 51

Bre Bowling is 26

Jerry Davis

Joie Owens

Billy Williford is 75

David Sharp

It’s the WLAF Birthday Club. Call your birthday in to 423.562.1450 (or email to with subject line of birthday).