This is the WLAF-Charley’s Pizza Birthday Club. Jaci Collins is the latest birthday dinner winner from WLAF and Charley’s Pizza…-…Enter birthdays by emailing to with BIRTHDAY on the subject line or call 423.562.1450…-…Happy Birthday to you,

Steve Lawson is 37

Kayla Watson Newman

Jaci Collins is Sweet 16

Jaci’s mom, Alicia Collins, is 42

Makayla’s daddy Dustin Inman

Janet Lawson

Millard Chadwell is 85

Jackie Spickard is 52

Donald Goddard is 54

Karen Martin

Bailey Kimberlin is 17

Grace Bolinger is 8

Travis Prater is 33-The Manager of Long John Silvers

Joyce Sharp

Aubrey Nash Chapman is 27

Jacob Perkins is 29

Lena York is 99

Barbara Brock is 82

Marie Cooper

Megan Nicol Bostic is 29

Kathy Jessie

Todd Robbins is 50

Andy Campbell is 17

Joshalyn Tipton is 18

Ali Freeman-Braden

Dalton Boshears is 16

Elaine Waldroop is 49

Alisha Smith is 39 & holding

Barbara Brock is 82

Karen Broughton

Marvin Rutherford is 57

Rev. Don Whited

Moray Owens is 18

Jill Wilson is 14 – Love, from your Mimi

Margaret Faulkner is 80

Juanita Baird is 79

Kara Halsar is 27

Austin Aiken is 24

Otis “Big O/The Dog Catcher” Poore is 70

Savanna Kidwell is 36 – Nathan and Nolan’s mom who teaches 2nd grade at Wynn Elementary School

Tammy Smith

Robert Lancaster, Jr. is 50

Jennifer Seiber is 39…again

Candace West is 35

Wanda Fay Phillips is 85

Thomas Lively is 13-Love, Papaw & Nan

Bobby Russell-Meemaw Kay’s great nephew

It’s the WLAF Birthday Club. Call your birthday in to 423.562.1450 (or email to with subject line of birthday).