LAFOLLETTE, TN. (WLAF)- Last night, a Comcast representative spoke with the LaFollette City Council about the pending franchise agreement between the city and Comcast.

City Attorney Reid Troutman questioned how the state and local agreement with Comcast differ and requested a summary of the difference. Councilman Bill Archer wanted to know why the local Comcast office closed. The Comcast representative explained business has changed to more of a store front type business where customer can access the products offered, not just pay a bill. Councilwoman Ann Thompson commented about the price of Comcast, saying “our working families cannot afford $170 a month.” And the list of grievances didn’t end there. Councilman Mark Hoskins voiced his concerns about the number of channels offered in a basic package that were just continuous infomercials.
The representative told council that Comcast was working on a simple and easy pricing program that will give customers more options.
The council approved an additional $25,000 from LaFollette E911 district to increase the total reimbursement to the city for dispatcher salaries from $101,000 to $126,000.
Resolution 2020-03 to apply for Community Development Block Grant funds for sewer system improvements program was approved.
The police department was given permission to apply for the COPS grant and a no match Opioid Grant.

In the seat formerly occupied by recently retired Fire Chief Charles Eldridge was Assistant Fire Chief Jimmy Pack (above) who is currently acting chief.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 2/5/20-20-6AM)

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  1. I live 7 miles from town and have lived there for 20 years. I still do not have access to cable tv or high speed internet. Why is that. We live in the year 2020 not 1975. Everyone should have cable access and high speed internet acess. The Comcast cable company has cable in the area but the end of the line is 1.2 miles from my house.

  2. Comcast does what they want to because we don’t have another cable company to compete with them. You have direct TV and their competition is dish. I feel like we should fight for another company to come in our county..

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