ALDRIDGE, Bruce Allen, age 43 of 146 Uslyss J Lane – La Follette for theft of property $10,000 to $59,999

ANDERSON, Ricky L. age 57 of 3811 Pinecrest Rd – Jacksboro for financial responsibility law

BOLTON, Ezekiel Nicholas, age 39, of 107 Island Ford Rd – Jacksboro for public intoxication

BRAGG, Jeramie Ryan, age 29, of 287 Fountain Ln – La Follette for aggravated assault by domestic violence (two counts), driving while suspended and violation of protective order

BRIGHT, Robert Scott, age 52, of 168 Willie White Ln – Jacksboro for driving under the influence, violation of the light law, violation of the Tennessee financial law and violation of the registration law

CAVAZOS, David, age 36, of 519 Cambridge St. – Caryville for possession of schedule I & II controlled substance, meth, possession of marijuana, public intoxication and felony possession of drug paraphernalia

DAUGHERTY, Eric Daniel, age 39, of 913 East Elm St. – La Follette for 8th offense of driving while suspended

DAVIS, Joanna Marie, age 34, of 7232 Rengency Rd – Knoxville for violation of rules of drug court

EVANS, Vanessa Amber, age 34, of 255 Springfield Dr. – La Follette for driving while revoked, possession of drug paraphernalia and meth

GIBSON, Carla Ann, age 48, of 507 East Prospect St. – La Follette for court imposed time to serve

GRIGSBY, Davonterious Willia, age 22, of 714 Queener St. – Jacksboro for capias/bench warrant

HALE, Brandon Michael, age 24, of 115 Crutchfield Ln. – Jacksboro for court imposed time to serve

HAMMONS, Geoffrey Lee, age 34, of 7379 Just Commander Court – Hamilton, Ohio, for public intoxication

HATFIELD, Amanda Shea, age 28, of 1330 Main St. – Jacksboro for hold for Blount County

HAWKINS, Brian Matthew, age 38, of 269 David Rd. – La Follette for violation of probation

HOUSTON, Andre Keith, age 62, of 204 Nevada Ave. – La Follette for possession of a schedule II controlled substance for resale

HUCKABY, Rebecca Ashley, age 36, of 916 West Prospect St. – La Follette for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a schedule IV controlled substance (two counts), possession of a schedule VI controlled substance (two counts) and possession of a schedule V controlled substance

LAMBERT, Jesse Gene, age 32, of 307 Ellison Rd – La Follette for revoked for driving under the influence

MCCULLAH, Chadwick Brook, age 27, of 6560 Bowlin Ln. – Knoxville for violation of rules of drug court

MOORE, James Riley, age 42, of 149 Whitman Hollow Rd. – La Follette for evading arrest, first violation of probation and petition to revoke probation/sentence

OWENS, Shannon Elizabeth, age 35, of 2027 Dandridge Ave. – Knoxville for violation of rules of drug court

PERKEY, Brandy Nicole, age 35, of 2764 Cedar Creek Rd. – La Follette for court imposed time to serve

ROSS, Tammy Lynn, age 43, of 310 Hollifield Dr. – Jacksboro for criminal trespassing

RUTHERFORD, Frances Anne, age 46, of 107 East Huddleston – Oak Ridge for public intoxication

SCOTT, Samantha Denise, age 38, of 276 Adam Hollow Ln. – Pioneer for public intoxication and violation of probation

SEIBER, Steven Arthur, age 30, of 259 Andy’s Ridge Rd. – Rocky Top for capias/bench warrant and driving under the influence (first offense)

SILER, Austin Dakota, age 23, of 147 Cove St. – Jacksboro for criminal trespassing

SMITH, Nathaniel Jared, age 23, of 727 Hill Top Dr. – Jacksboro for driving while suspended, possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of Tennessee financial law and seat belt law

SPRADLIN, Dustin Lee, age 36, of 310 Hollifield Dr. – Jacksboro for public intoxication, criminal trespassing and failure to produce identification

STEHLER, Kristy Olivia, age 32, of 265 Glade Springs Rd. – La Follette for  driving while license suspended, resist-stop-frisk, driving on suspended, evading and hold for Anderson County

WALDROP, Anthony, age 40, of 737 North Main St. – Clinton for court imposed to serve time

WALLEN, John Daniel, age 26, of 238 Dykes Ln. – La Follette for public intoxication

WRIGHT, Andrea Danielle, age 24, of 265 Lilac Dr. – La Follette for violation of probation and assault