JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – In a late Friday afternoon release, Campbell County Director of Schools, Jennifer Fields announced Achieving Excellence Through Equity

February 14, 2020

Campbell County Board of Education employees continue to impress with their dedication to their work and helping improve the Campbell County School System.  We are recognizing two people in particular for their work and contribution to Campbell County Schools over the past year.

Titles of Supervisor of the Year and Principal of the Year were given to the individuals who consistently manage and motivate students and faculties, evoke high standards, demonstrate commitment to excellence, implement innovative programs, and have a track record of exceptional gains in student learning.  Congratulations to Dr. Jason Horne for being voted supervisor of the year and Congratulations to Mr. Steven Sampieri for being voted principal of the year.

Horne (above) represents true leadership and is invested in nurturing employees’ professional growth He generously offers support to administrators, and consistently exceeds the expectations of his position as a supervisor.  His steadfast commitment to the mission of the Campbell County School System is evident in the example he sets daily.

 Sampieri (above) is a leader who consistently goes above and beyond for the needs of his students, staff, and community.  He is responsible for brainstorming new initiatives at Jacksboro Elementary School, enhancing a climate of learning, and supporting the students and staff to attain their full capabilities.

Beginning in April 2020, a panel of independent reviewers with representatives from each CORE region will score applications by each district winner.  Nine finalists will be selected.  Finalists will be notified of their status, and in August the nine finalists will progress to the interview stage of the selection process.  The Grand Division winners for Principal of the Year and the Tennessee Supervisor of the Year will then be selected and recognized in Nashville, Fall 2020.

Again, congratulations to Dr. Horne and Mr. Sampieri for their superior abilities in education!

Jennifer Fields

Director of Schools

One Reply to “Horne is supervisor of the year; Sampieri is principal of the year.”

  1. Mr. Sampieri is not only an exceptional Principal, but an exceptional person as well. The first time I took my grandson to school in kindergarten, there was a young nan standing in the entrance and he greeted each child by name, with a smile and words of encouragement as they entered. I later found out that he was the Assistant Principal. Every morning was the same, through all of my grandson’s elementary years. I never actually met the Principal at that time, but Assistant Principal Sampieri was a constant. I never saw him with anything but a smile on his face and words of encouragement for his students. And they were HIS students. I was overjoyed for him when he became the Principal, as it was well deserved and overdue. My grandson has moved on to middle school now, but there will always be a warm place in our hearts for this young man who is a shining example and proof that there are really great people in this world!

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